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La Cherry Spice and Max Powers

24/07/2014 в 16:25 PUBLISHDBY adult


La Cherry Spice is smoking hot!! But sugar and Spice is not always nice. This spicy vixen will tie you up, crush your balls, cane you feet, and fuck your ass. So don't forget to say please and thank you.. Just ask Max he now knows what sweet Cherry and hot Spice taste like!!!
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The interrogation: will she be broken?

24/07/2014 в 16:22 PUBLISHDBY adult


Cute little Alani Pi is captured and held in an interrogation room. Aiden Starr needs the coordinates for a secret enemy testing compound and she's sure her captive knows what they are. This cute little brat is a lot stronger than she looks and doesn't make a sound as Aiden absolutely wails on her with the flogger. Ah sweet torment: when the caning and flogging prove ineffective she strap-on fucks her little bitch in the ass and makes her eat pussy. Hardcore anal lez-dom: will the prisoner cave under the pressure of a twisted lesbian mind-fuck?!
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1 Blonde, 1 Brunette, 1 Redhead = Hot Lesbian Punishment and Sex!

24/07/2014 в 16:11 PUBLISHDBY adult


Busty Krystal Main, a beautiful toppy girl who with the help of Maitresse Madeline dominants Lilla Katt. She's learn to wield a flogger and scissors (tribbing) Lilla Katt rubbing her shaved pussy against her bound slave's dripping wet twat till they both get off. Lilla's put in bondage, caned, spanked, endures painful clamps, finger fucked in pussy and ass, strap-on fucked, made to get her mistresses off and still manages to have multiple orgasms herself but only at the order of her two dommes.
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Sophie Gets No Love

24/07/2014 в 15:44 PUBLISHDBY adult


Some people need to love a girl to play with her. Not Sister Dee. When she drags Sophie Ryan to the barn it is more science than social. It is like being the subject of an experiment for Sophie. Sister Dee just wants to see exactly how far she can push this useless lump of flesh before the mind inside finally snaps. All of the screams and tears are just curious side effects from her examination.

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The Chosen One: An Electrosluts Reality Film

24/07/2014 в 15:29 PUBLISHDBY adult


Isis Love is in the search for a worthy sub for her kinky lezdom electrosex desires. But in keeping with today's 24/7 entertainment culture, she fashions her search in the manner of a reality show — or a reality porn show, that is. But in a strange twist of fate, Isis chooses Leilani Leeane, who thought the reality show was something completely different than the femdom episode she signed up for. After her first brush with electro BDSM, Leilani tries to escape from the set, but Isis is in hot pursuit. Losing patience with her choice, Isis disciplines Leilani with femdom bondage and electrical toys (of course) when she catches up to her! After a short discussion with me, Isis finds out that a reshoot is required. In this update's finale, the reluctant electroslut learns that Isis will apply the contract she signed with Kink to its fullest extent!
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The Training of Holly Stevens Day Two

24/07/2014 в 15:07 PUBLISHDBY adult

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