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SUMMER VENGEANCE The Goddess(13-7) Ranked 3th Rogue(0-2) Ranked 11th

26/11/2014 в 17:52 PUBLISHDBY adult


The Goddess is as fast as a cat. She's also brutal and strong like bull. She is ranked 3rd for a reason. This girl is a seasoned veteran that knows how to fuck a loser.

The Rogue got to this point because of an injury. She won her first match, but now she is playing in the big league. However, tragedy strikes in the 2nd round. A brutal reminder to us all, how very real Ultimate Surrender is.
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Dixon Mason's Live Feed

26/11/2014 в 16:51 PUBLISHDBY adult



26/11/2014 в 16:49 PUBLISHDBY adult


Marty ties Clarity. She gets shackled, then tied tightly in a number of poses.
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Rhet Hengst and Perry A. Waters

26/11/2014 в 16:36 PUBLISHDBY adult


AnnaBelle Lee Alpha fucks another girl into subspace..

26/11/2014 в 16:00 PUBLISHDBY adult


Welcome back AnnaBelle Lee! She shot for Device way back in the Dark Ages. Today, this cute and tiny ball of sex is back, but not quite so ready for what is in store for her. We only got two scenes out of this hot babe. Reason: She never expected to cum so often and and so hard as we made her cum. This is the beginning of her total collapse down the rabbit hole.

We make a custom bondage device to trap this highly flexible girl into a position she is not use to. Bent back, she can see little of what we do to her, and this intensifies her helplessness. With her unable to move even the slightest, we go to town on that hard body of hers.

We abuse her nipples and her pussy. We zipper her up and rip those nasty clothespins off during one of her intense orgasms! Then we turn up our fucking machine "Alpha." Alpha destroys her. It brutally fucks orgasm after orgasm out of this vulnerable beauty. This machine can and will fuck you till you are a drooling and mindless shell of what you once were. Being made to endure one more scene like this one will leave AnnaBelle Lee unable to continue the day. Watch for scene two soon...
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Marina Shaved and Humiliated

26/11/2014 в 15:28 PUBLISHDBY adult

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