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Claire & Orlando vs Cherry Torn - ULTIMATE 2 on 1 Smack Down!

21/09/2014 в 17:19 PUBLISHDBY adult


For the first time in DeviceBondage history, Claire Adams and Orlando Dominate together as a team on camera the toughest victim they can think of - Cherry Torn. Claire and Orlando each build one device for Cherry. The first is Orlando's. Cherry is placed in a modular metal stock system that pivots and rotates. Claire and Orlando tag team Cherry playing horrible good cop bad cop games that include the cattle prod and spikey board and of course intense orgasms from this tormented cunt. Second, is Claire's device. Cherry is placed in an uncomfortable movable pipe system suspension. Claire and Orlando torment her with a zipper, seeing how many hands can fit in her cunt, face torment games, and lots of sexy foot torment with the dragon tail and single tail. Finally the two sadists go for a simple but challenging hogtie pushup. Cherry has to maintain her ability to breathe while being fatigued by very intense bondage. As her muscles weaken, she chokes herself more. Its a vicious cycle that eventually ends and transforms into a yoga like legs down position. Mind blowing orgasms and very intense nipple torment complimented with an intense caning are all happily dished out by two more than willing administrators.
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Restaurant patrons abuse a bad waiter and make him serve naked in public.

21/09/2014 в 17:14 PUBLISHDBY adult


It's lunchtime at a busy local restaurant. Customers have had it with Nico, a ditsy waiter. Tyler Saint takes the boy down and everyone jumps on in the action. They strip the waiter naked and shove dicks into his mouth. Nico endures more humiliation when they make him serve their lunches naked. Tyler pushes the boy's face into the dessert and everyone cums on his messy face.
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Double the Pleasure, Double the Electrosex

21/09/2014 в 17:09 PUBLISHDBY adult


Episode 3: Tied face to face to each other, Amber and Kaylee get a sneak peak as to what to expect when the other is being worked over.

In this position, their asses and pussies are plump and ready for penetration by my strap-on. Luckily for them (or maybe unluckily) I'm chomping at the bit to have some fun.

But wait, there's more! Rigging them up with gags connected to ass hooks lit up by electricity, their ass cheeks are also grounded with sticky pads to make them dance. So even when I'm not pummeling them with my electrified strap-on, pulses of electricity continue to serve up doses of volts to remind them of their place.

The hard fucking I give both of them and the stimulation from the toys deal out the orgasms they desire, but only when I desire them to cum.
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Breaking of Bobbi Starr

21/09/2014 в 16:24 PUBLISHDBY adult


It has been over two years since Bobbi's last visit to Device. Time to put her to good use.

Her hands are bound by rigid metal above her head that is connected to her throat. She is on her knees raised off the ground and her ankles are kept spread. Her body left exposed and open for abusing and molesting. Any movement tugs harshly on her neck, creating just the right predicament for the helpless brunette. Hard whippings and thorough ass fucking are in order.

Her bubbly ass sticks up. Her mouth is filled with a ball gag on a stick to keep her head in position. Nipple clamps tight on her nipples to keep her chest off the ground. Her ass is gaped open. Cane marks leave their red streaks of evidence. All the stress builds as she is vibed.

This last scene is a personal gift to Bobbi. Two of her least favorite things. But before that, a plug is lodged into her ass, a titty stretcher is strapped to her and a harness gag is fastened into her mouth and tightly over that purty face. She is belted onto the sybian (one of her least favorite things). Legs pulled out tight so her clit is smashed onto the sybian with no room for relief. The only relief she gets is to survive her other least favorite thing, the cattle prod.
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Power Of Attorney

21/09/2014 в 15:52 PUBLISHDBY adult


Ashley Fires is a sassy college student who can't seem to keep herself out of trouble. Her strict and sophisticated attorney is fed up with having to constantly keep her in line and wants to leave her at the stand alone but Ashley turns the tables on her authoritative attorney by dominating her in her own office! Roxanne puts up a fight but in the end submits to her submissive tendencies and jumps at the chance of loosing control. Roxanne is very tough and can cum easily from pain. She processes pain by breathing softly and sexualizing it. Heavy paddling, foot worship, pussy and ass licking, fisting and strap-on ass fucking are all included in this update.
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Sye Rena

21/09/2014 в 15:07 PUBLISHDBY adult


Every day I open my e-mail, I get "I want to see a more mature sub" Well, here ya go. Sye Rena is a thirty something with a hard toned body. Did I mention she is flexible? Flexible doesn't seem to say enough. Did I mention she is multi orgasmic? Multi orgasmic doesn't seem to say enough either. Well all I can say is this: "Here is something you don't see everyday." Ya got to love bondage.
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